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InResST Brand Online Application System

In order to let your customers better understand your product information and advantages, you can apply for our exclusive hangtags in InResST brand online application system.

The application process is as follows

Submit and apply for fabric certification (usually filled out by the fabricator, downloaded, printed, and sent to InResST with the sample).
The InResST testing center will test and analyze the composition of customer samples according to the requirements of InResST brand certification, and issue an exclusive InResST brand fabric certification certificate and hangtag application filing number.
Garment factories or fabric factories authorized by the brand can self-help in the system by asking for InResST hangtags.

For the above questions, please contact the InResST Electronic Brand Service Customer Service (carol@inresst.com / jw.zhu@inresst.com) or the InResST team in your region/country.

Let's start the application